Bringing fun to Design Thinking workshops at Workday

Workday Way Innovation (WWinn) is an internal design thinking training program at Workday. It draws from multiple user-centered design processes from the likes of IDEO and Cooper.

I worked with the WWinn program lead, Glynis Hively, to revamp the look-and-feel to present design thinking in a fun, approachable way that was accessible to anyone in the organization.

These illustrations were used in presentations, training sessions, training materials, and workshops.

Explaining several high-level design thinking concepts in easily digestible diagrams.

Illustrations for some of the product strategy and brainstorming exercises that were practiced in the WWinn workshops.

Mascot and logo concepts which focused on conveying the empowering, people-centric, and exploratory nature of design thinking.

Illustrations for indicating to the workshop attendees what the current activity was, such as brainstorming, sharing an idea with a partner, or giving applause to the presenter.

One of the WWinn sessions in progress, with me leading a brainstorming session :)

Frances Tung