Portfolio tips for students

These past few months, I've been mentoring and meeting with many design students and people from various fields who are in the process of transitioning into a UX career. It feels great to be connected back into the local design community! So far this year I have:

  • Reviewed student portfolios at an IDSA chapter event
  • Ran through practice interviews with Interaction Design students at UW
  • Mentored a designer through Seattle XX+UX's 12-week mentorship program
  • Saw a ton of student portfolios at UW Design's annual Design Career Fair
  • Sat down for coffee with several aspiring UX-ers introduced through friends

When it came to giving feedback on student design portfolios, I found myself giving the same few points of feedback many times, so I decided to write them all out in an article so that it may hopefully help more students that I am not able to meet and give tips in person.


5 Ways to Make Your Student Design Portfolio Stand Out to Employers