Iceland: Surreal landscapes and perpetual sunlight

Last week, I came back from a long anticipated trip to Iceland which exceeded my expectations in almost every way. I hadn't heard much about Iceland before, and boarded the plane with vague thoughts of mountains and peaceful countrysides swimming hazily around my mind.

As it turned out, there was plenty of countryside to see as my friends and I drove around the entire nation in a clockwise fashion. We saw everything from majestic waterfalls streaming off moss-covered mountainsides to fields of black volcanic gravel stretching to the horizon. Going in the summertime meant that the sun doesn't set, which definitely helped with maximizing our time on the road and exploring the incredible natural wonders and quaint towns!

I've collected my favorite photographs from the trip and organized them into a photo essay here: 10 Days in Iceland

Iceland is definitely a more challenging travel destination in that it's tourism industry is still maturing. While you'll get some fantastic experiences not spoiled by huge crowds, the tradeoff is that some things usually taken for granted, like easily drivable roads and warning signs next to hazards like cliff edges, are less common. I've compiled my travel tips and recommendations here: Frances' Iceland Notes

I hope to revisit this country again in my lifetime!