I am joining the Varsity Tutors design team!

This week I'm starting as a UX designer at Varsity Tutors, a live-learning ed-tech startup that is building out its product and engineering team in Seattle!

Me resuming full-time design work comes with the winding-down of the PaintBerri project. It's been quite the ride, and honestly I'm excited to have a more regular schedule now.

I chose Varsity Tutors since it fit exactly what I was looking for in my next design role:

- Small design team (less than 5 people) that has lots of opportunity to grow and experiment

- Very experienced product team with proven track records from Amazon, Sears, Nordstrom, and more

- A business that is already profitable and venture backed by TCV (Airbnb, Spotify, Linkedin) 

- Amazing location on the Seattle waterfront

I was also impressed by their very thorough, detailed, and efficient interview process. They know how to ask good questions :)

Looks like I'm back in the education space, and I'm glad to be able to apply my experience about learning platforms from Udemy, and my experience with wearing many hats from PaintBerri!

Thank you Cara for the wonderful desk decorations!

Thank you Cara for the wonderful desk decorations!

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