Designing and Shipping a Dashboard

Last month, Udemy announced the launch of the Student Satisfaction Analytics Dashboard for instructors. The official announcement appeared on the Udemy Teach Hub Community News (here) and also was emailed to all instructors. As the designer who worked on that project and saw it all the way to implementation and full release, it was quite a proud moment. My first major product release, complete!

This dashboard replaces a somewhat unused and rather unhelpful dashboard called Engagement Analytics. Prior to me joining the company, an updated dashboard was already envisioned by a Design Agency, however I was placed on the project as the team realized that much of the data we wanted to display was not viable, therefore rendering the agency's designs irrelevant.

After many design iterations, intense stakeholder meetings, and jam sessions with engineering, I am so glad that the dashboard has made it through the gauntlet and launched. The data will help Udemy instructors get a clearer picture of how their courses are doing and what students like and dislike. Ultimately, my hope is that this project (and my future work) will help both students and instructors get the most out of their online learning experience!


Frances TungUdemy