Public Speaking 101

Last week I was invited to give a guest lecture to General Assembly SF's graduating class of 60 UX Intensive students. Not only was it the first talk I've given to an audience of more than 30 people, this was my first foray into giving back to the design community.

Considering this was the last week of the 10-week program and most students were busy preparing portfolios and interviewing, I focused my talk on what happens in the UX hiring process and what to be prepared for.

Without my many mentors who encouraged me all throughout my academic career and fledgling professional career, I definitely would not have made it to where I am now. At the end of the talk, I put up my email and encouraged students to reach out to me as a resource.

I was pleasantly surprised at how many questions I got and emails I received afterwards. Despite my career in Design not being all that long, my hope is that by sharing my experiences thus far, I can help somebody get a leg up and begin the career of their dreams.

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