Inklyt Update

It's been a while since I wrote about the Nugaki project, which has since been renamed Inklyt. It has been chugging along steadily on the development side and we have a functioning paint-app and front page! For me and my fellow design collaborator Fanny Luor, this project has been an exercise in communication and reduction. Almost all of the team is working full-time at their day jobs and efficiency with design deliverables has surfaced as a critical need. 

When we first started, I had a vision of a fully interactive and visually spec'd prototype that the design team would use to communicate to dev. Then I realized that I'm not humanly capable of working all day, all night, and all weekend (and other people on the team didn't want to do that either). 

Anyhow, it is coming together and we are (hopefully) on track to a closed beta in October! We could spend all our time designing and building more features, but what we really need is to get it to be just "good enough" and put it out into the world.

Design-wise, we are exploring a simplified header navigation that is quite different from the existing Tegaki-E and Tegaki-J sites. Some of our favorite gallery-style sites such as Dribbble and ArtStation served as inspiration:

Wireframe in Invision

The (mostly) functioning site

We are using Foundation, so everything is responsive too!

Many props to our hardcore development team donating their time on this and I'm excited to see how the online art community creates on Inklyt!

Frances TungInklyt