Sometimes when watching a usability test I wonder: How did they not see that button? It's so obvious what you are supposed to do here!

Then this happened yesterday:

I microwaved my dinner upside down. The bag even clearly says in the middle: Cook with this side down. Of course I didn't notice this until after I took it out.

If somebody was watching me, they would have thought: How did they manage to mess up a microwaveable dinner? It was so obvious how you were supposed to do it!

The dinner turned out fine, it just didn't look as pretty as the picture on the box. Nothing exploded.

It got me thinking, sometimes obvious isn't enough. 

Maybe I would have noticed the instructions if:

  1. Fear - a warning color and symbol were used
  2. Clarity - less text on the bag
  3. Instinct - the instructions were on the edges, where I would hold the bag and thus lead my eyes to read the text

Or maybe I should just read more clearly next time!

Frances TungInspiration