Pilfering Paint Chips

Every time I walk into a Home Depot or Lowe's I automatically gravitate towards the painting section. I don't need to paint my house, but I love looking at paint chips.

I feel bad if I walk up to one of the racks and pluck out one of every single paint chip, so I usually settle for picking a few interesting colors here and there. There is something about the display of colors that really draws me in. The make-up aisles at Target and Walgreens has the same effect on me. I am fascinated by the neatly arranged rows of paint chips, packaged eye shadows and blush compacts.

Since paint chips are free (while make-up is not), I have amassed a small collection. Today, I made a paint-chip necklace for my door.

When I look at a color, my brain automatically assembles a collage of locations (both real and imaginary) and emotions. It is also a fun exercise to grab a handful of colors that I can visualize all existing in one environment or setting.

This past year I have found that I am more attracted to bright and punchy colors for my clothing and room decorations. My hunch is that my mind is subconsciously trying to block out the dreary San Francisco fog by filling my personal space with tropical, sunny hues. It is working pretty well!

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