Clever Misuses

The past several days I have been visiting my grandparents who live in Vancouver, BC. They have been living in the same house for about 40 years now and little has changed since I began going there with my family over 20 years ago. 

It is a very small home with only 1 bathroom, a small kitchen, small living room, and 2 bedrooms on the main floor. Whenever my family and my Aunt and Uncle's family converges upon the quaint little house for a family reunion, it feels like the walls are bursting at the seams.

Over the years I've noticed a collection of clever work-arounds and hacks that my grandparents used with existing household objects to do something they weren't designed to do. With their incredible resourcefulness and efficiency, my grandparents saved money, space, and time. 

During this trip I documented a few:

4 coat hangers interlock to create a small drying rack for socks and face towels

The lightbulbs don't fit? Just flip it around!

To prevent any ladder-related accidents from happening, smoke detectors are placed within arms reach at the top of doorframes

A McDonald's happy meal toy from Monster's Inc holds up the bathroom window

Two cupboard doors above the kitchen sink become a plastic bag dispenser

Frances TungPhotography