Handwritten Goodness

I have recently been volunteering my time with a team of developers brought together by my sister and her friend to re-create an artist community site. The team, who all met each other through the online digital art community and anime/manga community, are undertaking a noble effort to rebuild and refresh a once beloved art blog named Tegaki E that appears to no longer be maintained by its owner (it's been like that for a few years now).

What is incredible about this blog is that all the entries, comments, and tags are strictly hand-drawn. There is some really neat collaborative story-telling / comic-writing that I've seen and many artists love the site not so much for its functionality but for the community spirit. The American site is based off of the popular Japanese Tegaki which is far more advanced, but also in Japanese.

We decided to name our project "Nu Gaki" which takes the second half of the original name and mashes it with a non-Japanese syllable. Since the audience is mostly American, it was decided that the actual legitimacy of the translation did not matter.

While the site functionality is being built, I've contributed some early wireframes and this logo, which preserves the hand-drawn feel, but with more legibility and less scraggly-ness than the originals:

Click to see bigger!

To get here, it took several tries:

I was able to narrow down the options through great feedback from the team and I'm excited to see where this goes!