Think Positive

It's not always easy to think positive. Sometimes it is much easier to say, "I suck" instead of "I can do it!" It is also much easier to comfort a friend by saying," You should hear how horrible my day was...your misfortunate experience is nothing compared to mine!" and that somehow is supposed to make both parties feel better. 

Every now and them, I fall into that trap too. So I made some signs that would remind me to think otherwise.

I was also inspired by my Mother's work in health.

My Mother works in alternative medicine and it amazes me just how different the "default" healthcare experience is from the "alternative" healthcare experience. I see doctors on both ends of the spectrum and what I find it interesting how much emphasis there is in my Mom's work to say, think, and feel positive about your life.

Emotional health is often secondary to treating physical symptoms in most Western medicine practices. I find that both are very important, though maintaining emotional health isn't as easy as popping a pill at regular intervals during the day.

Guaranteed to be in my face at least 2x a day!

Guaranteed to be in my face at least 2x a day!

For me, I know that visual artifacts work well to remind me about things. I write post-its everywhere, use Google Keep on my phone, set up calendar events as reminders, and tape up interesting and inspirational designs on my wall. Let's see how well these work!