Design team shopping outing

Now that the Udemy design team has stabilized at 5 members, we all felt it was a good time to give our designated "design space" a bit of a makeover. As it was when I joined, the space was a random assortment of furniture salvaged from the previous inhabitants of the office. While it served the purpose of a meeting and presentation room pretty well, it was quite far from inspirational and cozy.


Last Friday, we took an excursion out to Emeryville and made stops at IKEA, Target, Home Depot, and Toys R Us.

So many things for so little money!

Even with a tight budget, we were able to shop for all the items on our list. 

I was quite impressed we were able to pack in multiple table lamps, 2 rugs, 2 bookcases, 5 pillows, a floor lamp, 2 medium sized potted plants, a bag of dirt, miscellaneous doodads and 5 people... all in one truck

There is still some assembly required and some fine-tuning, but I am very excited with the progress we've made.

The rugs and plants made an incredible difference

Our goal is to create a relaxing, inspirational, and comfortable place to meet, present and work. So far I think we have done a pretty good job with increasing the "relaxing factor"... turn off the overhead lights and keep the lamps on and this place feels like a living room!

Next up: stocking the shelves with design books, creating our own wall art, and encouraging more design work to happen in this area.